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Hey guys we are getting ready to get our release date for “The Rise” EP. I know many of my followers don’t listen to electronic dance music and just follow me for all the artsy stuff I reblog but I ask my followers to help me out here.

I ask that you guys help our reach spread to hype up my trio’s EP primarily focusing on drum and bass. Reblog us if you want to help us. We will be getting a release date soon and the final cover art as well. Help us reach our goal of exposing the world to more great electronic music. Every reblog makes a difference here guys. Full EP details are below and all of our information for those who want to keep up with us.

EP Name: The Rise
Artist Name: Tapestop

  • Symbols
  • Believe
  • Lux Aeterna
  • New Beginning (Will be revealed when EP release date is revealed)

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